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7 Musculoskeletal Issues That Physiotherapy Can Help Alleviate

Funny how you remember those warm back rubs after a packed day from a long-gone flame. They seemed to work better than Advil, didn’t they? And that’s the story of where & when physical rehab, or physiotherapy, comes to the rescue.

Unlike contemporary medicine that stems much from the notorious work of Gobbles & Mengele, physiotherapy has been around since the dawn of civilization, when harsh environments & hunter-gathering were still a thing. It is relatively recent that physiotherapy came about as science & breathed life into a broad-spectrum cure for musculoskeletal ailments.

Finn Chiropractic, renowned medical & therapy practitioners, have a few ailments linked up that can be rehabilitated with physiotherapy.

1. Lymphedema

It occurs when the lymphatic system fails to drain fluids from human appendages. The excess fluids buildup can cause bodily swelling & distress if not mitigated. Physiotherapists employ decongestive therapies to regular & disperse the fluid buildup to alleviate the condition.

2. Osteoporosis

An innate lack of calcium is hereditary & poor dietary factors can lead to fragile or soft bones. Sometimes, a mere muscle spasm can break bones in a patient. It is a distressing disease, but with ample physical treatment, the patient’s quality of life can be enhanced with room for healing.

3. Muscular Dystrophy

The disease is dependent on hereditary conditions or genetics and may weaken the musculoskeletal system as the patient ages. Therapy modalities are best suited to stem the condition’s progress and empower sufferers.

4. Spinal Discomfort

A majority of herniated discs do not require surgery & can be cured via physiotherapy & chiropractic care. Back & neck pain can be quickly relieved by regular sessions to ease muscles & pressed nerves.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a repetitive stress injury common to construction & line workers and people who work in stagnant positions all day. The stress distresses the nerves in the wrist & other crucial nerve bundles. The result is gradual loss of motor control with repeated abuse. Physical exercises, stretches, and daily sessions can remediate the issues, but caution is advised to keep active & correct working posture.

6. Huntington Disease

It is a progressive brain disorder that also affects motor functions, much like Parkinson’s, & can be particularly distressing as a diagnosis because the gene is dominant, and there is a high probability of developing the disease. Physiotherapy can’t cure degenerative ailments but can help the patient retain control of their motor function to an extent.

7. Pelvic Floor

Multiple pregnancies can affect the pelvic floor muscles, leading to a weakened uterus anchor that can result in a vaginal prolapse with time, among other intimate problems affecting both men & women. Physical exercises like Kegels & squats are used in therapy to reverse weak pelvic floor conditions in their tracks.

We house a panel of some of the most exemplary chiro practitioners, physiotherapists & general physicians to provide you with a top-notch diagnosis for your physiological ailments. Finn Chiropractic, serving Franklin Park, PA, guarantees you comfort from your budding & chronic pain.

If you have suffered a musculoskeletal injury, you are welcome to have your x-rays taken, and then we may begin with the best course of action for your ailment.

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