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The Beneficial Applications Of X-Rays In Medical Diagnoses

X-ray, also called Rontgen radiation, after the German discoverer Wilhelm Rontgen, is a class of electromagnetic radiation with extremely short wavelengths that allows it to penetrate living tissues and get absorbed by denser matter. Over the decades after the initial discovery of X-rays, researchers managed to develop crisp images of the human body, and thus X-rays became the staple in medical diagnosis!

X-rays pass through living tissues and show up on film as varying shades of black & white areas. The whiter areas show where the X-rays have been absorbed, usually the bones. While sites like the lungs show up black as they absorb very little to no rays. Any tumors, melanomas, cysts, foreign objects, or damaged organs usually absorb the rays and appear lighter, assisting with diagnosis.

Finn Chiropractic serving Cranberry Township, PA, discusses some exciting uses of X-rays that make our medical services outstanding in delivering medical care!

Internal Symptoms

Before physicians can form a medical diagnosis based on physical patient symptoms, they need a look inside the patient to confirm their presumptions. X-rays help create images that may point out underlying conditions and arrest any disease with preventive management in time. Diseased organs show up in lighter shades where they are most hard hit. X-rays are also helpful to track patients’ internal organ improvement after medical treatment or invasive procedures.

Orthopedic Diagnosis

An image of a broken arm or femur comes to mind when you hear X-rays. The x-ray absorbing calcium-rich composition of bones makes it easy to spot injuries to bone, fracture, ligaments, tendons, and joints. It also helps in monitoring periodic progress with bone rehabilitation treatments, joint implants, musculoskeletal diagnoses & surgical treatments.

Dental Inspection

Using a slightly lower strength of X-rays, a dental physician can get a complete image of the jaw & teeth to help with oral disease diagnosis. It also helps to align & treat diseased teeth, fix braces, remove problematic teeth & act as an oral health check. Getting a root canal is only made convenient & possible by the accurate imaging provided by X-rays.


Breast cancer can happen to anyone, especially individuals with medical & hereditary risks. Regular mammograms detect cancer before it metastasizes and becomes incurable. If you ever feel a hard, small lump under your armpit or in the mass of your breasts, please do schedule an X-ray with us to help diagnose the nature of the bump. These lumps can be benign or malignant, and are usually confirmed by fine needle biopsy after they show up as white spots on a breast X-ray, also called a mammogram. Never take the possibility of breast cancer lightly.

Rheumatology & Chiropractic

These two fields depend heavily on X-ray imaging to develop non-invasive treatment procedures. Patients with arthritis, joint problems, herniated disks, worn-out ligaments & cartilage that do not wish for invasive treatments can opt for a mix of medicine, monitoring, & musculoskeletal realignment to ease their quality of life in advanced age. The doctor injects a dye in the joint using a contrast needle and takes an X-ray in which the dye brings out the areas of damage, healing, & improvement. It is also called an arthrogram.

Suppose you experience joint or back pain and are exhausted with medication upon medication with no such positive effects. Maybe it’s time you came in for an X-ray at our chiropractic so we can further discuss the best chiropractic & rehabilitative treatment for you.

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